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Eurorings 1 – Launch seminar

  Paris (Hôtel de Ville), April 15, 2002 15/04/2002   “Towards a new EU institutional geography for a Europe closer to its citizens” Organised in partnership with the City of Paris Seminar’s executive summary Concept The European institutional system is the result of a double requirement strongly consistent with the ...

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Eurorings – Re-inventing the EU’s institutional geography

Executive summary Seminar Eurorings 1 (Paris, April 15, 2002) 15/04/2002 INTRODUCTION Right after the Euro-Launch, just before the enlargement to the Central and Eastern European Countries, and at the time when all the actors of the European construction are engaged in a debate on the in-depth reorganization of EU institutions, ...

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Enlargement in a post-Euro EU: Estimating the new political factors

  ecutive summary Seminar EU-Governance 2020/3 (Paris, February 4, 2002) 04/02/2002     INTRODUCTION The anticipation seminar ” Enlargement in a post-Euro EU: Estimating the new political factors ” organized by the Association Europe 2020, was held on February 4th, 2020, at the Kleber Centre of International Conferences (Paris), thanks ...

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Three scenarios of enlargement by Europe 2020

by Europe 2020 15/01/2002   Scénario A (currently, the official scenario) : The bureaucratic Temptation – Integration in 2004 Agenda: Basing the process of enlargement on the same model as the Euro, this very bureaucratic approach relies on the past experiences of European integration, of legal and administrative up-grading, with ...

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Switching from EU to Euroland Daring the future,

by Franck Biancheri 19/10/2001   The unability of the European system to find sustainable ways towards the future, as well as the scattered aspect of the political contributions of the European leaders, show it : the EU has reached a limit. Illegitimate child of the European Community and of the ...

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