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Upon whom will the ashes of Baghdad fall down?

  by Franck Biancheri 14/04/2003   In one way or another, this is the question asked to the entire world today. Strangely, the various answers provided to this question do not seem to depend on people’s appreciation of the military campaign along the two usual criteria: . the probability of ...

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ERASMUS… and then what?

by Franck Biancheri 12/11/2002   Recently, the European Commission has been celebrating its 1 million ERASMUS students. Romano Prodi has personally reverberated the event in an article underlining the programme’s success and launching some orientations for the future. Being among those who made it possible for the ERASMUS programme to ...

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How to avoid having the Copenhagen Summit go down in history as a missed opportunity: the successful enlargement of the European Union !

by Franck Biancheri 10/10/2002   I. Some methodological and operational advises to succeed in Copenhagen The following recommendations, in the line of the ’three scenarios for Enlargement’ published by Europe 2020 in November 2001 and of the “Europe 2020 vision” project, launched in June 2002, are based on the intention ...

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Switching from EU to Euroland Daring the future,

by Franck Biancheri 19/10/2001   The unability of the European system to find sustainable ways towards the future, as well as the scattered aspect of the political contributions of the European leaders, show it : the EU has reached a limit. Illegitimate child of the European Community and of the ...

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Immigration, Civilisations, European Integration …, only one question matters: Do we want or not that the immigrants’ children become true Europeans?

par Franck Biancheri 12/10/2001 Since WWII, almost all EU countries, one after the other, have discovered the issue of immigration, while for decades or centuries they were only emigration countries. France is the only European country facing immigration for almost two centuries UK, Germany, Holland, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, … all ...

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