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Success and concrete outcome of the Euro-BRICS Young Leaders’ Summit (Helsinki, 8-9 June, 2015)

The 5th Euro-BRICS seminar and the Euro-BRICS Young Leaders’ Summit took place in Helsinki last June 8-9.

The event has been an amazing success, with more than 110 young leaders and experts from European and BRICS countries discovering each other and discussing the challenges of the the XXIst century multipolar governance, with aims such as: Peace, Democracy,  Modernity, Mobility, Sustainability, Innovation, Diversity (you may get a glimpse of their energy by watching this short video of the event – prepared by one participant).

Close to 500 young leaders from BRICS and European countries applied to participate in the event. 50 young leaders were selected by the members of the organizing committee to take part in the first Euro-BRICS Young Leaders’ Summit. In total, more than 70 European and BRICS delegates from at least 20 different countries contributed to the enormous success of this event.

Some 40 “senior” participants joined the event too, including diplomats, academics and professionals from European and BRICS countries. They have contributed to the 5th Euro-BRICS seminar, which was held in the framework of the Euro-BRICS Young Leaders’ Summit.

LEAP is proud to present you the following outcomes:

  • the Euro-BRICS Youth Platform has now been officially launched and is already incredibly active withprojects currently being launched such as : a Euro-BRICS online Magazine, Euro-BRICS academic network, content-related working groupsconnecting together, a Euro-BRICS Business Forum…
  • the next Euro-BRICS Young Leaders’ Summit is already underway : it will be held in India, in the framework of the Inidan Presidency of the BRICS and the topics chosen by the youth is “sustainability”
  • please discover also the complete report of the 1st Euro-BRICS Young Leaders’ Summit
  • as well as the Executive summary of the 5th Euro-BRICS seminar (‘Senior Session’) on “Regional integrations as a model for XXIst century multipolar global governance

For a complete information, we invite you to have a look at the following links:

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