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Let’s renew our stock of probable futures, by Franck Biancheri

Editorial of MAP-Autumn 2010

With MAP (Magazine d’Anticipation Politique), LEAP/E2020 has decided to launch a free quarterly publication in order to achieve two objectives:

. to allow political anticipation to address political and social issues

. reach as many citizens as possible interested in understanding the transformations that will characterize the “post-crisis world”.

MAP is thus a new editorial space that offers new “anticipators”, trained in LEAP/E2020 methods, the opportunity to share their analyses regarding our common future.

MAP will offer the world every four months rational European visions of what the future holds for us. I am convinced that Europeans can play an essential role as facilitators of the great ongoing transition that is the global systemic crisis. But they still need to regain their ability to think independently about the future!

LEAP/E2020 and its partner NewropMag will do what is necessary to help the MAP team contribute to the renewal of visions for the future whose obsolescence has accelerated since the crisis began: the future dreamed by the “West” less than a decade ago has taken a serious turn for the worse and will not pass the mid-decade mark. It is urgent to renew our “stock of probable futures”, to try to bring out those that are “desirable”.

Originally broadcast in three languages (French-German-Italian), MAP should quickly integrate other major languages such as English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic in order to reach a global readership directly.

All that remains for me to do is to wish MAP the same rapid global success as the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin, of which it is a generalist complement.

Download MAP-Fall 2010

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