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2nd EuroBRICS Webinar on Political Anticipation: executive summary

A few weeks ago took place our 3rd EuroBRICS webinar on Political Anticipation, topic:

Evolving Trends in the Multipolar World – Challenges, Risks and Opportunities for our common Future

Please find an executive summary of this great session here: Report Webinar2

We discussed challenges, risks and opportunities of the emerging multipolar world with regards to the global political turmoil we currently witness; together with 3 keynote speakers and the members of the EuroBRICS Youth Platform.


#Talk1: “Confrontation on the rise – Where is the multipolar world heading to in 2016?” by Marie-Hélène Caillol President of LEAP

#Talk2: “EURASIA, EURAFRICA + BRICS: Trends in transnational flows” by Alexander Zhebit (Universidade Federal Do Rio de Janeiro)

#Talk3: “Revision of a globalised economy: Challenges of a globalised market” by Irina Yargyna (Financial University of the Russian Federation)

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