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The editorial of the 100th GEAB issue, by Marie-Hélène Caillol

Dear Subscriber,

Here we are, counting 100 editions of our bulletin and 10 years of an incredible GEAB adventure.

Let me tell you this story:

The GEAB was born in January, 2006, out of a fierce desire of independence for our think-tank, LEAP : an intellectual independence, essential to the relevance of our work on European democratization and on Europe’s global place and role, requiring financial independence. Until 2005, the traffic of our websites was telling us with what interest our work was being followed. Therefore, we decided to make this bold bet: increase the quality and quantity of our content, and, at the same time, deliver part of it upon paid subscription … in order to test its relevance each month and ensure its sustainable independence. The GEAB by LEAP[1] was born … but would the bet actually be won?

“Very well, but what was his lucky star?”…

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