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Information/invitation – First Euroland Governance 2020 seminar: Toward a political and democratic union of the Euroland

The Euro crisis, and more recently the Ukrainian crisis, made it clear that we are facing a severe political vacuum with regard to the European construction. ECB bankers and civil servants from the European Commission and the Member States handled the crisis. From a technical point of view, their work prevented the Euro from collapsing. However, when it comes to the decision-making process, the lack of democratic articulation of the whole process has weakened the whole European structure: rising eurosceptism, anti-austerity protests, accusations of “non-constitutionality” of the Euroland decisions, parliamentary inquiries on the Troïka’s decision-making process…The Euro Crisis turns out to be less a governance crisis than a legitimacy crisis, in other words a democratic crisis.”


It belongs to the « Eurolanders » (via their members and representatives) to invent the solutions likely to ensure that Euroland, this new « sovereign » born from a common currency and its adolescent crisis, completes the promise made by Europe’s founding fathers: a political union endowed with political institutions elected by all Europeans.

In order to generate a discussion on this subject and sketch the outlines of a founding act for the Euroland, we are delighted to inform you that a seminar on:

“Euroland Governance 2020 – Towards a political and democratic union of the euro zone”

will be held in Brussels, on Friday, January 9th, 2015.



•    Why is Euroland critical for the future of the European project?

•    Providing Euroland with the world’s most modern supra-national institutional system: national-supranational articulation, flexibility and adaptability, network and coordination

•    Turning Euroland into History’s first democratic supra-national entity: building Euroland’s institutional system starting from its democratic rooting

•    Towards a trans-Euroland Manifesto for a political and democratic union of Euroland

(in camera debates, moderated by Marie-Hélène Caillol and Harald Greib, held in English and French not transtlated)

The conclusions of the seminar contributions and discussions will provide the basis for a “European Manifesto for the Creation of a Political and Democratic Union of Euroland”, which will be circulated among member-states’ governments of the Euro zone, as well as members of European and National Parliaments of the Euro zone.

For information or subscription to this event, please contact Sophie Berger (Euroland2020 project manager) by e-mail: sophie.berger@leap2020.eu


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