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September GEAB – Towards a (really) New World Order

The world is reorganizing, the populist wave has begun to retreat, the world is refocusing West (China) and East (Europe) of the United States, Hong Kong is turning towards China,…. In the short term, the financial crisis of 2020, which is widely anticipated, is likely to hit the IMF hard and will clean up a zombie economy that prevents the immense energies of the new economy from being deployed properly. At the heart of this great clean-up, the fate of the United States is undoubtedly the most difficult question to answer. Indeed, Bolton’s dismissal marks the beginning of a new phase in US foreign policy that we are decoding in this September issue. However it is is now for the US that the situation remains the trickiest…

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Detailed contents :

Bolton – World – US 2020: An American Perestroika

Future demographics: questioning certainties

2020: IMF, a collateral victim of the US-China trade war

Hong Kong 2025: A suburb of Shenzhen

Investments, trends and recommendations (Sept 2019)

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