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December 2016: the European duty to lift the sanctions against Russia (Extract GEAB June 2016)

[…] We have portrayed here a quite bleak picture of these beautiful regions of Central and Eastern Europe which unquestionably deserve better than to finish torn apart in the Euro-Russian discord. Our team is convinced that better relations between these two great neighbours, based on the recognition of shared responsibilities and on the effort to understand the interests of each party concerned – not the subjugation of one another (neither Russia to the EU, nor the EU to Russia) – is a necessary and sufficient means to allow all these political and social pathologies to quickly flow back. Our team estimates that not for the next EU summit, but for the following one (planned for December), EU leaders aim at lifting the sanctions and reconnecting Europe with Russia. The recent summit of the Visegrad Group, having managed to bring the (pro-Russian) Hungary and the (pro-US) Poland to agree, is in favour of this outcome. Let’s hope nothing will counter this strategy by then. If the EU fails to play a positive role, we can anticipate the loss of its Eastern flank for the benefit of new transnational experiences of unification – chaos will be shortlived.

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