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Should the European Internet be dependent on the US Department of Commerce?

by régis Jamin 18/04/2005 On 12 October 2004, the European Commission, after several years of work and following a tedious call for tenders, finally signed a contract with Eurid, formalizing its status as the “EU” registry. Would European identification on the Internet, known as’.EU’, finally be available to European companies ...

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Freeing the European Company

by Régis Jamin 18/04/2005 By Régis Jamin, Member of Europe2020, Member of the Internet Society, Member of the Senate Club, Member of the Institut Montaigne. A prospective study published by the NIC (National Intelligence Council, the CIA Director’s Think Tank) provoked an outcry from our Brussels officials last week. It ...

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NATO in the face of loss of confidence in American leadership

GEAB extract N°4 15/04/2005 The surprising public statements of retired American generals (Source International Herald Tribune, 15/04/2006) denouncing the mismanagement of Ronald Rumsfeld’s invasion of Iraq, or even the very decision to invade the country, show that even in the United States the American military leadership is in crisis. And ...

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An inclusive world

  by Sundeep Waslekar 13/02/2005   Once I read an interesting story. Someone met a little boy about 4 or 5 years old. He gave him a world map from a magazine, tore it into pieces and challenged him to put it together again. The boy did it in a ...

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