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Transatlantique – Coopération Europe2020 / Tiesweb

Nées à peu près à la même époque (1997-98), [Tiesweb->http://www.tiesweb.org] [[Tiesweb a été conçu en 1997 comme le portail des sociétés civiles européennes et américaines]] et Europe 2020 ont souvent travaillé ensemble dans l’espoir de contribuer à resserrer les liens trantlantiques. Au-delà du partenariat structurel qui lie les deux organisations, ...

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Can Hungary Compete?

There are only five months before 10 more countries become full members of the EU. How well prepared these countries are for the challenges of the membership, and how ready the EU is for handling the unexpectedly emerging problems and potential shocks of enlargement? There are quite many warning signs ...

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Parmalat scandal is a wake-up call for European corporate governance

So far 29 executives of Parmalat and its banks and auditors have been charged in what is certainly Europe’s largest financial scandal ever. Profits have been overstated, fictitious bank accounts with billions of euros were created and perhaps € 1bn of investors’ money was siphoned off for personal use by ...

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What common EU policy towards Russia by 2020?

Europe 2020 chose to sum up the seminar’s discussion in 5 bullet-points – 3 key-ideas and 2 propositions: 1- Russia is no longer a threat for the EU for the coming decades. It is on a contrary a partner; but a partner which is not a future Member-State, and therefore ...

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Romania – Multi-level governance or still governing?

{ {{{Regionalisation and/during enlargement in Romania Is the young „regional structure“ challenging the centrality of the Romanian state?}}} } The transition from a highly centralised political-administrative system to a decentralised and regionalised one is not happening very smoothly or rapidly in Romania. Triggered rather by the enlargement process than by ...

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After Iraq: Can We Build a Better World ?

A year after the Iraq war, even if the analysis of how to tackle the problems diverge wildly, the good news is that most Europeans and Americans can probably agree that: . There are still numerous threats to global security . The existing global institutions are not able to meet ...

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Seminar GlobalEurope 3 / EU-CIS

{ {{Organised in partnership with the Diplomatic Academy of Poland }} } [Seminar’s executive summary->http://www.europe2020.org/spip/spip.php?article212&lang=en] {{ {{{Concept}}} }} After the enlargement Russia will become an important direct neighbour of the European Union. Though this situation represents no change at all for the majority of new members which historically have always ...

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What common EU policy towards North America by 2020?

{ {{{ « The transatlantic future is not what it used to be »}}} } This sentence perfectly qualifies the richness and quality of the contributions and discussions that took place in the framework of the 2nd GlobalEurope 2020 session held in The Hague at the beautiful premises of the ...

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Russia’s European Policy in the light of eastern enlargement

In contrast to Putin’s internal policies, Russia’s foreign policy on the European front is, to a greater extent, reactive and is not supported by a coherent strategy. The foreign policy has also been situational; an illustrative example of this could be the anti-war axis between Paris-Berlin-Moscow. Moreover, for the last ...

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