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Europe needs more Union

{{History in the making}} The date of 16 April 2003 will perhaps one day be remembered as ‘historic’, along with dozens of others. On this day, an EU summit of a very particular kind was held in the Greek capital Athens. Twenty-five heads of State and Government gathered in the ...

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21st century economy : Too much short term kills the long term

Our economy is currently particularly dull and very few are those who can see any prospect of improvement in the near future. One of the reasons possibly explaining this situation is perhaps an unbalanced mix between all the numerous parameters to be taken into account when preparing a successful recipe ...

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Assessing the impact of Eurorings (a decentralized system)

{The aim of the third Eurorings seminar which took place in Frankfurt in cooperation with the Municipality, was to examine the impact a decentralised political and administrative EU system could have on the European public service. Thanks to the 15 experts who joined the meeting, it was possible to tackle ...

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Transatlantic perspectives on Iraq

{This war has become a highly emotional issue for all of us. Judging it in a sensible light has become more difficult than ever. Your discussion forum does provide a way to listen to various opinions and put them in perspective” – writes a participant from Connecticut, USA, after participating ...

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Eurorings 2 – Defining the new geographical map of the European institutions

{Organised in partnership with the City of The hague} [Seminar’s executive summary->http://www.europe2020.org/spip/spip.php?article354&lang=en] {{ {{{Concept}}} }} The need for closing the gap between the EU institutions and the European citizens, the changing nature of European societies moving towards a “network society”, the enlargement of the EU, the revolutions of communication (high ...

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Enabling the Muslim World

Let’s assume for a minute that in 20 years from now the Middle East conflict will be resolved and Saddam Hussein will be gone. Israel and Palestine will have found a mutually acceptable agreement of peaceful coexistence and the Iraqi president will have been toppled by his own people or ...

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